Memorable Work Memorable Work Victorian Front Room at Durlston Road The front room of this Victorian semi-detached house retained its original fireplace with painted gold marble effect. A new damp course was added and the lower walls are ready to be re-plastered. 102836130 Penge, london This Victorian house in Penge, London built in 1868 was renovated by John in the Mid 1990's. Here the property is near completion and shows an ornate gable details. 102836132 Durlston Road Hallway This stripped Hallway retains its Victorian Plaster Ceiling Arch and Details. New Electrical wiring is visible in the wall on the right. Staircase's during the Victorian period were usually only carpeted in the centre with stair rods to hod the carpet down. This style lasted until the 1960's when a full width carpet became popular. Here the white paint on the staircase shows that stair carpet & rods were used at some time most likely during the 1950's. 102836131 Penge Hallway Here the Mahogany Handrail and spindles dating from 1868 were restored to their former glory. The original decorative cornice was repaired and add character & value to the property. 102836133 Loft Conversion Window detail The Loft was converted to give extra space and light from roof windows brightens the room. An original Gothic trefoil window adds an interesting feature. 102917545 Before & After Bathroom Epsom The Before shows a mouldy bathroom with the ceiling that needed replacing. The After Shows the same corner with repaired ceiling, a new shower cubical and toilet with white tiled walls. 105322315 Hallway Richmond, Surrey Here the wall were repainted in this historical Georgian building in Richmond Surrey. lavish Cornice and window details are picked out in a light colour. Taken with Polaroid instamatic camera 102836129 Before & After Front Room The Before Shows the downstairs front room with decayed plaster removed. These old Victorian terrace houses had a slate damp course which frequently brakes down over time. The After shows the bedroom above the room with a new wooden window. 105322314 Hallway Richmond, Surrey Here captured in this Instamatic Polaroid photo the bottom of a Georgian iron balustrade and ceiling details are visible. 102917544 French Doors, Epsom These French Doors were added to give light into the room & access to the garden. the room was simply repainted with additional wall lights 102917547